Yellowberry Bras review

Yellowberry Bras for girls!

YellowBerry Bras sent me a bra a couple years ago, and we were hooked!  Check out the selection on amazon if you need it ASAP!

I finally found a bra that my daughter loves! Yellowberry bras are designed by two sisters who have a great story. Megan was 17 at the time and she was helping her younger sister look for bras. Not happy with the bra selection marketed to her younger sister, she set out on a mission that lead to the creation of YellowBerry. Check out their full story.

The blue (Fremont) bra is the Ladybug bra. It has slightly more coverage than the Pipit in Huckleberry. The first thing I noticed was how age appropriate the bra is. The colors are fun and the design is perfect for young girls. Yellowberry even has a First Bra Collection to help moms and daughters in search of the first bra.

When I flipped the Yellowberry Bra inside out to look at the seaming, I see this cute little phrase. How sweet is that?! Not a detail goes untouched. Have I mentioned how much I love this company?

They have a raised Yellow berry on the outside and the word yellowberry on the strap. SO sweet.

When I looked at the seams and construction, I loved that there is no tag and that it’s really soft. The seams lay nice and flat and quality stitching.

Here is the Tuli Bra in snowflake.

The strap has a cutout as an additional detail.

I’ve been following the Yellowberry ladies since they were on Kickstarter. The styles are so pretty and classic. I’m so excited to see where these ladies go.

What I love about marketing is that the front of the bra is not shown on a model. Keeping girls modest………I love that. As Little Crazy Life grows up we will be hitting that stage of – TEENAGER soon! Knowing there is a cute bra that keeps her modest makes me feel good. It can go from the classroom to the gym and keep her covered and discreet. LOVE that

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