WOW Baking Company

WOW Baking

Mr Crazy Life  is Gluten free, and Little Crazy Life is corn free. Finding quality treats that are ok for everyone (while tasting good) can be tough.   We don’t eat treats often, but apparently Mr Crazy Life has had a sweet tooth lately, because he has been into these like mad! I barely had time to take pictures and I didn’t get all of them! He ate 5 of the big cookies!
WOW Baking company is dedicated to making soft, delicious products that are wheat free and gluten free all while tasting amazing. That is a tall order.
WOW Baking Company  make their products right here in the Pacific NW. They make them in small batches with high quality natural ingredients (which I LOVE).  They use real butter, vanilla and natural cane juice.  They Never use Hydrogentated oils, refined sugar, or artificial flavors. Something a mom can feel good about. Their products are certified gluten free, GMO free and won a 2012 GOLD Sofi award!
WOW Baking has bagged cookies, single serve/wrapped cookies, brownies, tubs and Cake mixes!

The new maple squares and key lime white chocolate are probably my favorite with Lemon burst being a close second.

They have Gluten Free (GF) resources on their page as well as recipes for their cake mixes.

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