Vivint Smart Home Alarm System Review

We had an alarm system for almost 5 years. For the most part the system worked well, until we moved and had to cancel. I will not post names and will paraphrase the experience. I, personally, will NEVER use or recommend Vivint to anyone based on the cancellation process. I hope the CEO, Todd Richard Pedersen sees this and makes it right.

I called a couple days after we moved to see about pre-emptively cancelling service the day after our move was done so Vivint had time to process. I knew I had a few months left on my contract I would have to buy out. The gentleman I spoke with said to call back later in the week just in case the new owner bought out the contract. We emailed the documents (cancellation email address with letter of cancellation from my husband). When we asked about just buying out the contract for the remaining 4.5 months, the rep said they didnt know how to do that.

Later that week I called back to check if Vivint needed anything to cancel our account. The guy on the phone said that the new owner had taken over the alarm system and that we didnt need to pay anything. Great News.

I called back later that week to verify our account was closed. The rep didnt have anything on record of the previous call. So I asked to be transferred to the department that reviewed recorded calls so they could do an investigation. I was transferred and talked with someone who said he would review the calls and get back to me. A few weeks went by with no call. When I call back, nobody knew who I spoke to and there were no notes.

Fast forward to this month. I spoke with and received email (with name and badge ID) stating that if I paid one of the two remaining months of service I would not have to pay the final month. Perfect. I logged in and paid the payment for this month to stop the payments and cancel out account. I received an email stating this.

Fast forward 21 days later, our payment for that month STILL Came out. I called the customer service line and asked to speak with a manager. I explained the whole situation from the very beginning. I asked for a refund and the manager stated my husband had to call because he was the account holder. Never mind that they have the documents emailed, a copy of an email stating to cancel and us calling for 4 months to cancel. I asked for his direct number and email so I could forward the cancellation email. He would only give me the phone number. He was so unhelpful and just tried to get me off the phone. I became VERY Frustrated at this point. Almost 5 months of trying to cancel a contract even with a buyout.

My husband immediately called and the staff would not transfer him to that extension. Turns out this manager was a manager, but in the move department, not cancellations. My husband spent another hour on the phone, and finally got a confirmation of a one month refund.

As of right now, no refund has hit our account. We shall see if the February payment (which is the end of our contract) comes out.

So, thus far we have spent almost 5 months, HOURS on the phone, and still no resolution. I am left to use the only avenue I know of…..posting this on the internet for all to see.

This may not be everyones experience, and is only from my point of view.

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