Vantel Pearls Review

Melissa with Vantel Pearls (The passionate pearl girl) sent me this BEAUTIFUL follow your heart necklace that I earned Hosting an online party. I am doing a review and have another scheduled party on Jan 17. Should this date pass and you want to order through me, please let her know CrazyLifeAsMom sent you!

This necklace is the “Follow your heart” necklace (Hostess gift only) and is sterling silver with cubic zirconia.

The pearl that was opened and set with this is a pink/lavender 5.5mm pearl.
Even though this is a hostess gift, you can purchase the matching follow your heart ring and earrings If the party has passed email Malissa and tell her about my post.

The back of the pendant is just as beautiful as the front. It has very beautiful lines and everything is secured well.

When you purchase most of the jewelry you get an oyster opening with it. Malissa does this via Facebook Live Videos. She is a wonderful person who works from home raising her rambunctious and adorable kids. I’m all about supporting mamas!

The aspect of Vantel Pearls and The passionate pearl girl that I love most (beside the jewelry itself) is the pearl opening process. It is so fun to watch, and Malissa does a wonderful job. She is by far the best representative I have watched. She is professional, fun, a great communicator and just downright adorable!

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