Twig Brush Review

It is a Natural teeth cleaning twig. The twig is made frp, the  Salvadora Persica Tree. This twig is said to prevent tooth decay, plaque,  gum disease and freshen/whiten teeth. No toothpaste or water needed!

When you get your twig brush there is a slight odor. I left mine out for a few days to see if it would go away and it did.

Once you are ready to use, you make a scored line all the way around the bark ½ inch from the end. You then nibble on the end of the exposed brush to start forming bristles. The duration in which this lasts depends on how much you brush your teeth. They typical trim on the twig brush lasts 3-5 days. I have found I can get a week out of the bristles because I always forget to take to work with me.

We switched to natural toothpaste years ago because of the chemicals contained in normal toothpastes. Don’t get me started on SLS!
The eastern world has documented this method for a very long time.
The Twig Brush has natural antiseptics that help eliminate bad breath. Contrary to what you may know, bad breath actually stems from the gut, not the mouth. However the antiseptics hale kill harmful microorganisms, causing bad breath, mouth ulcers and gum disease. We actually swish with 3% food grade peroxide as well.
Silica acts as an abrasive that removes stains and deposits from the tooth surface, in turn, whitening your teeth.
Sodium Bicarb also has an abrasive property that helps whiten. The ADA even recommends bicarb in commercial toothpastes.
When the twig brush is used it forms a layer over the enamel from the Natural resin, protecting your teeth.
The Miswak also contains naturally scented oils that serve two separate functions; saliva flow and fresher breath.
The nice thing about twig brush is they offer a money back guarantee within a week. However, my suggestion, it takes a few weeks to get used to the change in brushing so keep trying it!

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