TruGrow Liquid Aeration Review

TruGrow sent me a 16oz bottle of Liquid Aeration Soil Conditioner. The 16 oz bottle treats up
to 1/4 acre.
We have horrible soil. Honestly it SUCKS. Look at this hot mess at the end of summer. It is very hard clay and it doesn’t grow grass well. I water it so much during the summer, that it should be lush and green. NOPE. Its full of weeds and moss. We keep putting grass seed, fertilizer, and many other things on it and cannot keep it green. This is after a summer of constant watering and not ever having to mow the lawn. We also have had our yard aerated to try and get the grass to grow in both our front and back yard and still NOTHING. We had a French drain put in which dug up the entire back yard and after 2 summers, we still couldn’t grow grass! You can see the brown lines from the French drain line. After a summer of watering, fertilizing, aerating…..this is what it looks liked. This is watering it daily for 2 weeks.
after ONE WEEK……………
You guys, this is ONE WEEK later! I watered the lawn like I normally do after ONE application of TruGrow. This is One week!
From what I am reading professional groundskeepers don’t aerate–they use the truGrow technology.
TruGrow isn’t fertilizer. Water and fertilizers can’t help your lawn if they can’t be absorbed into hardened soil. We have found this to be so true. No amount of help we tried to give our lawn did anything but waste our money.
TruGrow dissolves hardened minerals and loosens clay so your plant roots can absorb water, oxygen, and nutrients and grow deep and thick. This is what weve been missing for 4 years at this house! Our grass NEVER looks like this in summer, let alone at the end of the season.
After delving into TruGrow and their product line, this is what ive found.
-Dissolves and releases hardened mineral
-Loosens clay
-Prevents snow mold
-Each 16 fl.oz. bottle treats up to 11,000 sq.
-Attach the ready-to-use sprayer to your hose and spray on your lawn & garden.
-Apply monthly during your growing season
-Certified safe for your plants, pets, and people
-100% natural, biodegradable solution
-no messy mechanical aeration
-boosts effectiveness of fertilizers–up to 70% of fertilizers are normally wasted
-use up to 40% less water
-its kid and Pet safe
I’m REALLY looking forward to using this again in spring, and showing you what once a month application can do. If our lawn can look like this after one application, I cannot wait to see mid summer! Hopefully TruGrow will allow us to do a longer product study for you.

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