Thunderbird Real Food Bars Review

We recently went Paleo. Finding snacks that fit our needs is surprisingly difficult. My new favorite thing (when I have time), is to go down the snack aisles. Sometimes Little Crazy will try the snacks, but sometimes she just turns her nose up. We discovered Thunderbird Real foods bars a week ago at New Seasons Market and wanted to get to know more about them. I checked on Amazon and you can also order them there.

Thunderbird Real Food Bars have a TON of flavors that are pretty unique and have simple ingredients. I like knowing what is in my food. They are Vegan, no added sugar, and grain free. Being Paleo we are not supposed to have quinoa or buckwheat. There are three bars that contain these

The first Thunderbird bar hubby went for was the Texas Maple Pecan. He said it was soft and had a lot of flavor. I think my first bar was the almond +apricot +vanilla and it was delicious and wish there was more of it. I ate the bar with tea at 8am. I was able to go until 12:30 before I was hungry again. The first thing it reminded me of the inside of a fig newton, which is my favorite part. All of the bars with fig have been my absolute favorite.

I then went for the Hazelnut +coffee+ Maca Thunderbird Bar because I knew hubby wouldn’t eat it (he hates coffee). Plus he just left to go see Star Wars alone. LOL This one had AMAZING crunch because of the coffee beans. I never eat coffee beans, because of the texture. I loved this bar, but my only suggestion on this one is to put the coffee flavor and not beans.

For the rest, we will be cutting them in half and testing together. I woke up to a doorbell this morning and a Thunderbird box and got too excited.

So far the Cashew + Fig + Carrot is INSANE! So far this is my absolute favorite.

SERIOUSLY! LOOK AT THIS BAR! It has to be the most decadent bar ever. It doesn’t have a salt aftertaste and feels like you are eating something extremely decadent. I think its the cashews. Hubby thought the same thing. Our first reaction from this one was…….WOW!!!!!!

All Thunderbirds bars are full of fruits, nuts, and seeds. They’re soft and chewy, and not dry like a lot of bars. The bars were smaller than I thought they would be, but they had BIG flavor and kept me full for at least 3 ½ hours. Being Paleo you need options to get yourself through until you can get food. These are perfect for my purse!  Most of their bars are around 160 calories and have between 3-7g of protein.

Little crazy Life tried the Thunderkids bars and she LOVED Them. To find a healthy bar that kids love is difficult at best, but these are sweet without sugar. After my daughter ate them, she actually seemed satisfied and didn’t seem to snack as much. I know I’m buying more of these.

They also have shirts for men and women. They are so awesome and look SUPER soft. I would totally rock these shirts with jeans and a pair of wedges! I love the eggplant purple and hubby loves the texas gray!

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