SuperHeroic Shoes Review

Super Heroic send me a pair of their shoes. These are SO COOL! My daughter is mesmerized by YouTube and Minecraft. Getting her outside can be tough.

Super Heroic is the brain child of Jason Mayden. He was a former Nike Senior Global Design Director. Mr. Mayden had support of Magic Johnson, Accel Partners, and Playground Ventures.  Their Mission is “Remember that feeling of running so fast that it felt like your legs would fall off, spinning around until you couldn’t stand and climbing until you could see the whole world? Play is good for the soul. Our mission at Super Heroic is to empower our children with the power of play, through our products. We’ve put all of our passion and dedication into designing footwear that keeps up with their movements, inspires them to discover new places and encourages them to hold onto that invincible feeling of play.”

Mayden used his experience to get kids moving and active through play. SO AWESOME! Every detail of Super Heroic Shoes from packaging to shoe function.

The canister says For playground use only and is a gorgeous blue color with a lime green lid. The lid has the company’s lightning bolt on the lid as a handle.
Next you twist the lid off and you hear…….much like a video game…. “SUPER HEROIC”!! We closed and reopened the package several times because it was so unexpected. What a way to grab a child’s attention!

The shoes sit in a cardboard lightning bolt. Talk about presentation! You also get a string backpack that is actually… A CAPE!

The shoes are simple and high quality.  These slipped on with no laces, Velcro, or closures. These are made to be gender neutral and have a variety of simple color combinations. The shoes themselves have great cushioning, good grip, and comfort. They have a full rubber outsole as well. The green strap on top is a simple clasp that pushes through the cutouts.

I’m hoping they start making larger sizes as my daughter doesn’t fit these any longer.

Superheroic shoes average $79 in sizes 12C-7Y.


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