Stamptastic laundry proof name stamp review

Stamptastic sent me this personalized name stamp to review in exchange for my own thoughts.
This stamp is a wonderful way to stamp fabric, metal, wood & plastic. No more sewing or ironing on labels. No more losing your pencil case, jacket, backpack etc. In my experience this will last longer than 40 washings.

This stamptastic stamp was the block I received in 2013 to review. They sent me one to publish pictures of with a name of their choice, and one with our daughters name. You can also put a picture on the stamps like below. Check out the live video on my facebook page!

This one is the block I received this week, along with their stamp pad and white laundry marker for dark clothes. I purchased an extra stamp pad because I know their product and love it so much.
Stamptastic is a clear acrylic block with customized text. I love that the block is clear because it allows for perfect positioning every time!
I stamped my girls lunch box (Soft waterproof lining and fabric handle), Inside of shoes, coat, sweatshirt, backpack and more.
This would be great for dance troop costumes, school supplies, sports gear, cell phone, ipads, camera bags, purses, sunglasses, and ANYTHING involving kids. You could also use this for dishes you want returned if you take treats to events.
This Stamptastic stamp is a GREAT product. There is an option for a two lined stamp to add your cell number or email address for lost items to be returned. What an amazing option for sewers and those who DON’T.

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