Sleeping Partners – Tadpole Chandalier Lamp in Sapphire Pink

Sleeping partners has sent me a pink sapphire Chandelier Table Lamp. I have received a few of their other products here.
Sleeping partners has very durable high end products that last. I have tried many kids products that seem to break after a few months. This has not been my experience with Sleeping partners products.
The Table Lamp is a chandelier-style table lamp that coordinates with other items in their line. It comes in clear, pink, and purple.  
This Standing lamp has is 20” tall with acrylic beads and gently hang on a wrought iron frame. The cuts on the beads scatter the light and really lights up the room. The Chandelier Table Lamp plugs into any wall outlet.
There is an On/Off switch on a 54″ cord and it uses a single  25 watt candelabra bulb. It is UL listed for the US and Canada.
This would be great in a baby/toddler room (away from the crib of course) or on a tall (secured) bookshelf. Little Crazy Life is 8, so she uses this chandelier lamp by her bed. It really adds a grownup feel to her room

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