Simply Earth – July Box

Simply Earth Monthly subscription box for July. Im a little late getting the post done. Check out the facebook page for Facebook lives where I have made the products!

First things first, If you use The code CRAZYLIFEASMOMFREE with THIS LINK .

It is $39 a month and you can cancel, skip or pause any time. Their oils are 100% pure and smell AMAZING! With your first box you get a BONUS BOX (keep reading to see)! It includes the extras you will need for 6 months of boxes. You then get a bonus box every 6 months.

They properly test their products for purity, and have amazing customer service. My favorite part of these Simply earth subscription boxes is that you get FULL size oils for $39! The July contains 4 oils, recipe cards, carrier oil, Dried hibiscus, and a stainless steel spray bottle.

ON amazon, Separately the oils costs are broken down below:
Palmerosa – 5ml – 11.99 on amazon (Not on simply earth site)
Anise Star– 15 ml 12.99
Grapefruit – 15ml – 11.99 (no simply earth oil on amazon right now)
Head Soothing oil -15ml – 17.99
The oils alone cost $54.96. The box is only $39.99!!!!

Julys monthly box was summer inspired comes with items to make
-Travel Buddy Roll on
-Hibiscus Healing Epsom Salts
-Summer Day diffuser blend
-Beachy Hair Spray
-After Sun Blend

It did not come with Epsom salts, distilled water, salt or a container for the Epsom salt recipe. Its not a big deal to me as I typically have the items they do not include.

Here are a few of my other live videos showing Simply Earth boxes. The code CRAZYLIFEASMOMFREE with THIS LINK
This JULY BOX 1 video
This JULY BOX 2 video
This July box 3 video – coming soon

Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to end human trafficking. How cool is that? Such a great way to give back.

Now for the Bonus box you get every six months!!!!!! This box comes with every 6th order. It includes items you will need for your next 6 boxes! This is awesome because it keeps down their shipping costs each month and allows you to be prepared and excited for each month!

Julys bonus box has coconut oil, 6 roller bottles (10ml), 6 drams (5 ml), 2 carrier oils (Almond and coconut oil) and beeswax!

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