San Clemente’s No Bake Cookie Dough Review

I was looking at options for Little Crazy Life and her 4 friends in class that have different allergies/sensitivities. I found San Clemente’s Cookie company which covered Multiple things.

-Gluten free



-nut free

-Non GMO

-Plant Based

This organic cookie dough is shelf stable for 12 months without having to refrigerate. Kept at ambient temperatures yields a 12 month shelf life. But do they taste good? YES!!!!!!!! I wish they were a tad bit bigger for the price, but overall a great product. Check out the facebook live on our page.  I found the Dough to be sweet without being sickly sweet. I do wish there was a bit less sugar from a parent perspective.

We also baked the cookies and cream cookie. It had a great crispy texture, but if you are looking for cookie dough these are fantastic.
-Cookies and cream

-Cinnamon Churro
-Chocolate chip

-Sugar cookie

All products are produced in Orange County, CA.
The founder, Michael Dove, was raised in San Diego, California and has made his family home in the beautiful town of San Clemente, California. All of Mike’s recipes were created in his very own kitchen. Originally created for his daughter who has a medical condition, his dream expanded and became a dream of sharing his food with everyone.

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