Pom Maker Maya Toys Review


Maya toys sent me the PomPom Wow to review.
This is a kit to keep kids over 5 busy. My guess would be 5-7 is a good age range for this item. It’s a self contained pom pom maker, so it al closes for easy storage. This is a cute little station to decorate pom-poms that can be used for decorating picture frames, pencils/pencil holders, mirrors and anything stationary. I’ve noticed with the pom-poms if they get too wet or played with too much, they fall apart, so I would not use them for items that are moved around a lot.
This comes with 75 encapsulated pom-poms, Adhesive dots, pop pom trays, water tray, blotting cloth, paintbrush, pipette, stamp pads, watercolors and glitter gel pen.
The pom-poms are in a sort of capsule type wrapper. You can drop colored water into them to soak up and color the pom pom ends, push them into the stamp pads, put glitter gel on them.
Little Crazy Life will still pull this out when she needs something to do.

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