Order Out of Chaos academic school planner

Order Out of Chaos sent me this academic Planner for the 2019/2020 School year. There are so many resources on their page. Please check them out! There is so much information on their site. They even have recommendations of products for all sorts of areas!

Little Crazy Life is starting middle school this year and is super excited to have something to help her manage her assignments. They go from one teacher to multiple this year. On top of that she has focus issues, and a learning issue. I am hoping for a great transisiton to middle school with this academic planner.

This planners design is to help kids manage their time by SEEING it. There are month tabs to put on the first page of the month that help the months stand out so they can easily manage when bigger projects are due or in the event of testing, etc.

The academic planner is designed by a leading time management expert with students in mind. This is huge for some kids as time management is not always a skill that can be taught if we as parents dont have the skills. This planner appears to be straight forward and Im super excited to start the year with it.

The stickers in the Order out of chaos planner can be used within the planner for activities, events, tests, etc are bright and eye catching.

The planner is layed out by week, so it makes it easy for kids to focus on one time frame vs a whole month. With kids like Little Crazy life, this is huge. She tends to focus on things way in advanced and forget about the things that have closer deadlines.

This handy ruler/page marker keeps the week easily at hand.

Overall, I find this Order out of Chaos Academic Planner a great tool. We havent had a chance to really use it fully since school starts the first week of September. I will do an update on this planner if you comment and ask!

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