Orbit Key fob and wallet trackers

Orbit sent me two types of trackers. Mr. Crazy Life loses his wallet quite often. As a matter of fact, on the actual day I went to put the tracker on Mr. Crazy Lifes keys, he picked up his car from the dealership after driving a loaner for 2 days. He walked in the door and I asked him for his keys. Crickets. We spent a good two hours looking for his keys. Again, nothing. The next day I called the dealership, and he had left them there. SO, Now with the Orbit Tracker this should not be a problem again. 😉 

Having used keyfob trackers before, I was interested to see how Orbit keyfob worked as well as the wallet tracker. They sent me both! 

Orbit is a blue tooth enabled tracker. There are several features that I love about it. It comes with an Orbit opener for battery replacements, a clip/loop attachment, a key ring, an orbit and an extra battery. 

The Orbit card, is the size and thickness of a credit card. You push the thumbprint to activate and call your phone (even on silent).  

The Orbit tracker comes with a charger which you can see the two silver dots on the back. One charge can last up to 6 months depending on usage. 

The Orbit tracker has built in speaker and replaceable battery (6 month life)!

Orbit is IOS/Android compatible.

There is a Last seen feature so you can help locate your keys, 
Separation alert can be turned on in your settings.

There is a Crowdfinding feature if you lose your attached item allowing more people to help find your orbit! 

Make it Ring works for both your device AND your phone. 
If your Orbit is hiding nearby, make it ring using the Orbit app.  Work it both ways – press the button on your Orbit to make your phone ring, even on silent. My phone is ALWAYS on silent, so its nearly impossible to find. NOW with Orbit the phone will ring even if the ringer is off! 

If your keys disconnect from the Bluetooth range (100ft/30m), their last known location will be shown on a map.

With a push of a button you can take great selfie or group shots with your phone! 

Setup is quite simple. Simply download the app. Activate your Orbit by pushing the button on the device for 5 seconds. Select Add orbit on your app and BOOM! Its synced. 

This would be great on a pet that has a constant escape plan or rental property keys, etc.  You can attach the Orbit to the keys so you know where they are at by using the last seen option. 

My overall view of this tracker is VERY positive.  Mr Crazy Life will never lose his phone or keys again (or at least be able to find them when he does). The crowdfinding feature is one I have not seen before, and this is an awesome leg up against competitors. 

The only downside I see is that I have had to open the actual app to turn on the orbit ring once my item is found. There might be a setting for this, but have not found it yet. 

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