Nuun Hydration tabs

Nuun Hydration (pronounced NOON) sent me four of their products. Ive tried other brands of tabs before and haven’t been impressed. I am continually looking for new products that deliver nutrients and ways to stay hydrated. I dislike sports drinks in a big way due to their ingredients. Then…..I found Nuun. 

Nuuns goal is to inspire a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle so that everyone can achieve life’s next personal best.

Here is my facebook live video.

Simply get a 16oz glass of water, and a tab of Nuun.

Drop a Nuun tab in and wait…………..

NUUN looks SO tasty!!

a couple minutes later you have an amazing drink to inspire more water intake!
One tube of nuun contains 12 tablets making a 16oz drink per tab.
Nuun has 11 vitamins and minerals most of us don’t get enough of, plus the optimal balance of electrolytes for everyday activity. I am terrible at drinking water and I have noticed a huge difference in my water intake by using Nuun. Its a great flavor and not heavy at all. Did you know many headaches are caused simply by dehydration? Make your water work harder for your health by making it even MORE beneficial.

Nuun is a clean product. By that I mean that they are clean ingredients that work with your body, which give nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and hydrated. The products are made with a plants-first mindset, clean ingredients and suppliers backed by third-party certifications, vegan, gluten-free
certified by informed choice–trusted by sport, and NON-GMO!

Nuun sources & packages to minimize our carbon footprint using minimal waste and production energy, while sourcing sustainable ingredients. They are focused on positive change with who they partner with. They partner with positive change agents to get the most people active while leaving communities better than how we found them (people for bikes, surfrider foundation, nature consortium, imba, conservation alliance). They believe in giving back. In 2016 nuunteers have pledged to give back 500 hours working in our communities on a mission to clean the planet!

By using our purchasing power, we CAN change the world. Speak with your dollars and change will come!

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