Meoded Crystal Brush Paint

Meoded Paints sent me this BEAUTIFUL Crystal Brush in white. It is a stunning glitter paint. You can check out their page detailing their Crystal Brush product.
For this product, I applied the Crystal Brush in a crosshatch pattern starting with the corner so it didn’t leave a harsh line. Then I worked my way around and filled in the middle. You can even buy extra glitter to add!
Checkout the sneak peak I did on a FBLive. as well as the FB Live!
Once it dried (about 2 hours), I went over it again using the same cross hatch pattern. This paint fully cures within 7 days. This area isn’t highly lit, so its really hard to appreciate the beauty of this paint. I really want to paint every wall with it, but I don’t think Mr. Crazy Life would appreciate that.
They produce decorative paints, Authentic lime plaster, concrete look and more.
One of my favorite things about this company is their products are eco friendly,  and low VOC. I noticed this right away as I was painting the area I use for my pictures.
If you want it fast, you can buy it on amazon and even buy extra glitter. This is a GREAT product for a kids room. As I get more pictures and paint more items, I will update this blog post.

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