Little Ondine peelable polish review

Little Ondine sent me 4 of their peelable nail polish colors. They are BEAUTIFUL! The colors are amazing. You could actually use this to make designs in conjunction with normal nail polish or as a way to not get your skin when you paint your nails.

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The Little Ondine colors I received are Admiration, cabernet, smack, and secret. They retail for about $13.95 on amazon. I wish I could have gotten some of their metallic, glitter and other colors. (ahem MERMAID). 

Little Ondine nail polish is 100% water based. Natural resins and coloration create shades. Non-toxic fingernail polish is ideal gift for kids, girls and pregnant women.

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The bottles have thin smooth brushes, easy for quick manicures and pedicures along with the ease of changing often. It gives you the ability to change colors daily without formaldehyde, benzophenone, heavy metals, and are odorless, making them safe for you and the environment.

Easy to remove while saving yourself or child chemical nail polish remover. Perfect for people who love to change nail/ gel colors often.

Little Ondine is Quick Dry and takes about 3-5 minutes. its water based, so try not to get wet for an hour.

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