Kuuk Kitchen Tools Review


Little Crazy Life has been wanting her own cooking utensils for quite some time. Now that she is 9, I am letting her slowly have sharper utensils.  It is about 8.3 x 8.1 x 7.1 inches.


What I love about this is it can remove some of the danger of knives and could be helpful for younger kids as well. It has a suction cup base to help it stay in place which is helpful with kids.


The Kuuk hand powered food processor can Dry, mix, slice and chop vegetables. It is great for getting kids involved in the kitchen and gives them ownership of their meals.
It is completely hand powered, so not batteries or electricity and made from food safe, BPA free plastic. It is also dishwasher safe and disassembles into logical pieces.
The KUUK hand food processor can spin dry vegetables, chop them, or mix different vegetables together—all using the same simple mechanism. As a bonus feature, the food processor also includes the ability to separate eggs. This is GREAT for kids!
Easy to set up and use
1. Lock the suction base down onto a flat surface.
2 insert the plastic cup and lock it in place by turning clockwise.
3. Place your accessory of choice in the center of the cup.
4. Rotate the crank to dry, chop or mix your vegetables.


Kuuk Drum Grater can grate cheese, vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, onions, etc. It is a hand powered device. Simple hand crank turns drum and creates perfectly grated ingredients
Includes 2 easily interchangeable drums for different cooking options and has a suction base ensures solid grip and stability on flat surface.
The KUUK drum grater is an easy-to-use alternative that allows you to grate all manner of ingredients quickly and without the struggle of a box grater.  http://amzn.to/2rCOBJo
It is approximately 10.4 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches.
Drums are equipped with razor-sharp, stainless steel rotary blades. BPA free
Place the Kuuk hand rotary grater on a flat surface, lock the lever, and insert the circular blade. Then place your piece of food in the chute, press down, turn the handle and you will have fresh, finely grated produce. This comes with two different blades.
Grate thin, fine cheese for pasta with the fine grater, or grate larger, thicker pieces to fill tacos. the drums are  interchangeable and feature razor-sharp, stainless steel rotary blades. Create thin strips of grated beets for a salad, and then grate thicker onion for use in the main dish. Whether its thick or thin grating you want, this hand drum grater has got you covered. You Simply turn handle to grate.
You can grate nuts or parmesan cheese really easily. The KUUK drum grater allows you to easily grate as much ingredient as you want.
This drum grater can help you grate as much cheese as you want in a short period of time. But it can also grate food such as beets, carrots, onions, nuts, etc.
The Kuuk Kitchen Utensil set you get a soup ladle, slotted spatula/flipper, drainer, pasta/spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid serving spoon and tongs. The tongs are fairly lightweight and no lock mechanism.

Built with 304 stainless steel, the core of these Kuuk tools seem to work well with all cooking. They haven’t had any bends/breaks and haven’t seen any rust issues from the use so far. The silicone is nice because it is flexible and can form slightly to the pan you are using to help get the food out.

The Kuuk tools are made with 100% Food-Safe Materials.  They are BPA-free and the silicone is heat-resistant up to 440°F. This also means they are 100% dishwasher safe (top rack) or wash by hand with warm soapy water.

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