Ice Screen Magnetic Windshield Cover Review

Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t get extreme weather but we get our fair share of iced over windows and the occasional snow. We have a garage, however, like most it is full of off season items and a garage fridge/freezer.  We are also purging a bunch of “Stuff”, so there is no way we can park the car in the garage. This brings up the dilemma of getting little crazy life to school on time when the windows are iced over.
This IceScreen is a magnetic windshield cover that goes over your front windshield. Here it is unrolled from the case.  The two blue straps just hook under the wheel well to keep it a bit more secure.
There are magnets in the fabric so it does not damage your paint. The IceScreen seems tough and pretty durable.  It is made with military grade, double waterproof, reinforced oxford polyester. However it still seems compact and easy to store.
 The flaps go inside the car door so it cannot be stolen.  It is Easy-on and off which is great when you are in a hurry. Mr Crazy Life usually scrapes my windows for me in the morning while his car is warming up, but this will make his job SO much easier. It took me 5 minutes to unroll and put this on the car. I used the wipers to hold it down more snuggly to the window, but unsure if they are supposed to be under the cover.
The IceScreen is designed to fit exactly over your windshield.  iceScreen comes in several sizes to make sure your windshield is covered and reduce the changes of having to still scrape the windows.
I am SUPER impressed with the IceScreen. It takes less than 5 minutes to put on the car and saves me time in the morning when it truly matters. You can just take this off and throw it in the trunk. It takes even less time to take the cover off AND no frozen hands and endless scraping in the morning!
Size/ FitMedium:
Dimensions: Top 55.1” – Bottom 63” – Height 39.3”
Vehicle Type: compact, economy cars
Windshield Fit Size Similarities: BMW S3, VW Jetta, Fiat 500, Volkswagen Beetle, Lexus or similar
Dimensions: Width 62” – Height 45″
Vehicle Type: Mid size luxury cars, regular sized SUV
Windshield Fit Size Similarities: Honda CRV, Civic, Buick, Lexus or similar

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