GoSports Football Pro Kick Challenge Review

SUPER easy to put together!! We’ve had to wait for nicer weather here in the pacific NW. We have a long yard so this is PERFECT! Mr. Crazy Life and Little Crazy Life had so much fun this weekend.

Pro Kick Challenge! Full set includes 1 Pro Kick Challenge Field Goal, 1 Kicking Tee, 4 Inflatable Footballs, and Ball Pump.

GoSports Pro kick challenge is a full sized field goal measuring over 7. 5ft tall and 6ft wide for fun.

Field goal assembles in under a minute and features an incredibly sturdy stake design that provides vastly superior stability over low-cost inflatable field goals.


GoSports PRO Kick Challenge Field Goal Post firmly secures into the ground with the provided bottom stake. It measures about 8″ tall and contains a sharp edge to stab into the ground and stabilize the top portion of the goal post. Please advise it cannot be placed into cement or hard dirt.

With spring here this Is great for traditional backyard football, games of “h-o-r-s-e”, long distances kicking competitions, and even throwing practice.
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