EZ Stax Review


EZSTAX is a product designed to help you tame those messy stacks of t-shirts and other items in your closet, dresser, suitcase or even paperwork on your desk!
 We have no dressers and hang the majority of our clothes. Our closet is large, however, my sweet hubby has taken his shirts off the hangars. He agreed to give this system a try, just for you!
EZStax gives a folding guide to allow for the best fit in their system. If you look closely, you want the shirt to be as wide as the EZStax. This allows for less bulk and thickness within the tshirt.
I have found folding your shirts on the EZStax is the best way. It keeps the shirt wide and allows for less bulk. If you fold them too narrow, as you can see on the top of the stack, the system does not allow for the pieces to sufficiently fit in the other piece.
EZStax provides a way to stack your items and get to them easily without having to lift all your shirts up when looking for the right one. We all know that disrupting a pile of folded clothes can create a huge mess of t-shirts that we end up having to refold.
EZStax are clear, so you can find your items easier and they will match any décor or paint color. They help you stay organized and allow you to find any shirt you are looking for. Messy Desk?
EZStax can solve that too! EZStax is made from 100% recycled materials (YAY!) and is pretty lightweight. They are made in the USA and are available in two sizes.
I like the versatility of this product as you can use when traveling, and for the office as well. The only improvement I can see is that the interlocking piece at the top could be deeper to allow less precise folding.

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