Constantly Varied Gear

Oh MY goodness. I have fallen in love. Constantly Varied Gear has sent me black moto compression leggings and a tank.

Since receiving this workout outfit I have not worn anything else. These compression pants are THE BOMB! I have never owned compression leggings, and I have to say I’m never going back. At first I was unsure they were the right size due to how tight they were.
Their SIZING  – In most cases they recommend a size down for these

HELLO POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!! I turn on my music and throw my phone in this pocket. I LOVE THIS! Why don’t all workout pants have these, SERIOUSLY! There is a pocket on BOTH LEGS! <3

I lightened this picture slightly so you could see the detail on the moto leggings. These are SO Amazing. Seriously every detail of these have me addicted. I have not worn any other pants when I go out walking since getting these.

Even in cold weather with this meshing my legs have not been cold. So far, the coldest its been is 31 degrees.

For those of you do CrossFit:

➡️ The Black Moto leggings are Squats Approved™. (no see through fabric)
➡️ They are the same soft & comfy material as all of their other leggings.

First of all, as many of you know I recently moved. I will be updating this post with pictures of me in the pants/tank top as soon as I get my backdrops up.

You can Pair these moto leggings with their matching Black Workout Bra. I have not tried their bras, but anxious to get my hands on one. If they are ANYTHING like the pants, I may be in love. These black moto compression leggings are mid to high waistband rise and are made of polyester and spandex.

Second item is their tank “Messy Bun – Getting stuff done“. I wish I had a black sports bra to go with this!

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