Butcher Box Meat subscription review – $10 off and free bacon!

ButcherBox This is the first time I have tried ordering meat online and having it delivered. Use this code and get $10 off and free bacon!
I received a tracking email and I watched that thing like a hawk. I checked it multiple times when it was out for delivery. Once the box was shipped it took 4 days to arrive. I was curious to how it would fare with it taking that long. Much to my hearts delight all the meat was completely frozen! The green insulated bag was zippered and set inside an insulated box with dry ice bags. If you check out the live video, you can see how frozen the meat was.
– 3 packs of organic tenders = 2.75 pounds
– 2 one pound packs 85% lean ground beef = 2 pounds
– one pork loin tenderloin = 1.9 pound
– 2 beef ribeyes = 10oz
-2 grass fed beef striploin steak = 12oz
– 2 packs of sirloin steaks = 12 oz
– free bacon!! 10oz (Best bacon EVER!)
First of all, I was extremely impressed. ButcherBox is very high quality meat and the bacon is the best I have ever tasted. When I cooked it up there was nearly ZERO fat in the pan! I was shocked. Even with high quality meat from the local health food stores, there is always grease in the pan.
Butcher Box beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. Chicken is Free range organic, and their pork is Heritage breed. Their 8-11 pound box of meat is $129 per month and can feed 20-28 individuals. Obviously we don’t have the 6oz portion control down because the meat did not last that long.
While ButcherBox is a subscription service, you can change the frequency or cancel at any time. You can try different cuts of meat and get handy recipe cards.
I learned while reading up on ButcherBox that nearly all beef for sale in the US is grain fed and processed in feedlots. When you have multiple sensitivities in the house, this is not good. Feedlot cattle are fed antibiotics, hormones, corn, soy and sometimes byproducts and even CANDY? WHAT? We always buy natural no antibiotic meat, but had no clue they fed them CANDY. What in the heck? In searching this its true. There was a recent publication in January ’17 that reported an investigation over red Skittles that do not make the cut for packaging (no white S on them). It turns out the massive amounts of skittles were intended to be used for feed. The candy is intended to provide a cheap source of carbs. The maker of the candy denied selling for feed, but apparently this is a common practice that was heightened in 2012 when the corn prices surged.
If you want to get your meat from a reputable source that guarantees quality check out ButcherBox!! I was seriously impressed with the quality of the meat, especially the beef.

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