Built Bar Review

Built Bar sent me a Mixed box of their protein bars.

Unfortunately my laptop crashed and I haven’t been able to recover the rest of my pictures with the actual bars. If I do, I will update this post.

BuiltBar has a handy nutrition comparison on their site.

Due to losing my pictures, I’m using a stock picture from their site.

I was a little thrown off by the texture which is more of a gel type consistency, but they have a great taste and different flavors for variety. Builtbar has a TON of choices for flavors. If I had to choose my top flavors would be the raspberry or orange. That said, I didn’t get to try the cheesecake.

What I do love about this product is they are
– Gluten Free
–┬áNO Artificial Flavoring or Coloring
– NO Artificial Preservatives
– NO Nuts / NO Peanuts
– NO Wax
– NO Junk
-NO Soy

I am not a fan of whey protein, so I do hope Builtbar comes up with a plant based protein version. That aside, the flavor, texture and nutrition are great. I like the lower calorie while still getting adequate protein and fiber.

I do not see BuiltBar on amazon, so you have to order from their site.

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