Bucklebury Silver Lozenges

I am so pleased to partner with Bucklebury yet again. I reached out to them after seeing their products online and have reviewed some of their other products. . I talked with the CEO, and had a great conversation.

Some of the Bucklebury products are on Amazon! Recheck this link for when the others are listed!

For those of you who haven’t followed me for long, I have a Bachelors degree in Complementary Health and Alternative Wellness. I lost my dad to cancer 15 years ago, which started my journey on supporting our bodies BEFORE illness. If you wait until sickness and disease happen, it may be too late or have a decreased result with natural treatment. Using products such as Bucklebury can assist your bodies natural function to stay healthy and well. We are all individuals so of course so should our treatments. Of course this is my own opinion and not meant to suggest treatment for my readers.

Things I love about Bucklebury
Made in the USA.
Manufactured in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility that is FDA inspected.
Finished product is not released until it has passed thorough finished product testing.
Provides the COA (Certificate of Analysis) if requested.

Active Ingredients:

Organic Brown Rice Syrup
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Honey
Lemon Whole Plant Oil
Silver (300mcg)

-Dry mouth can result in bad breath, Bucklebury silver lozenges are a great-tasting supplement that provides soothing throat relief and moisturizes mouth tissue for fresh breath. Simply take two o say goodbye to dry mouth and sore throat. Not just for cold and flu season but great for everyday use!
– Not only do our lozenges provide great soothing support, but they taste amazing! The sweet taste of our immune support supplement is your go-to aid when your immune system needs some help. Simply have a supply of this in your home and it will come in handy.
– IMMUNE SUPPORT – Bucklebury natural lozenges is made from organic honey and real lemon oil. It contains triple strength structured silver for tremendous immune support! Silver has the ability to fight bacteria and maintain a healthy immune system.
– SAFE WITH ORGANIC AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS –  made in the USA and formulated with natural high-quality ingredients such as organic raw honey and real lemon oil! It also contains triple strength alkaline structured silver 30ppm to ensure that we deliver the best immune support!

Our bodies are made to heal themselves most of the time. We have great natural tools to help that can help keep our immune systems in check. We should be boosting our immune system BEFORE cold season. Boosting your immune system does not mean that you wont get sick, it just means that it fights off the smaller bugs and get sick less. For example, Little Crazy Life said her throat felt tight last night. I had her take two of these last night and one this morning. BOOM! She feels great today. She actually keeps a bag of these in her backpack for her classmates as well.

The Bucklebury story began in 2003. The CEO began to study alternative healthcare methods, specifically western herbalism.

One of the amazing things that Bucklebury does is donates a portion of proceed to fight and eradicate human trafficking worldwide. Amazing!
On their site they also have an herb education page. This is great for a refresher, or for those who are just starting an herbal supplement journey. Knowledge is Power, especially when it comes to our heath. If we KNOW BETTER, we can DO BETTER.


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