Brackitz Inventor sets Review AND giveaway

 Brackitz sent me 2 kits to review for you.  These are the inventor series 170 and 44 piece set.
 Check out the facebook live here. 
Their mission is to leave a positive impact on the world through education and creativity. They want to inspire others to play, learn and grow.
 This is the back of the 170 piece inventor set.  you can build up to 100″ tall!
The back of the 44 piece inventor set. You can build up to 70″ tall!
A scientist and dad, Chris Cochella , invented Brackitz. He spent many hours building with his young children. But the more they played, the more Chris realized that his kids’ imaginations overflowed with wild ideas that just couldn’t be executed with traditional blocks. After much experimentation and testing, Chris designed Brackitz. His plank and connector system is simple enough for young children to manipulate and revolutionary in its ability to connect anywhere, at any angle, enabling builders of all ages to literally design any structure they can imagine. From simple to complex, small scale to larger-than-life, gravity-defying, 3-D structures, brackitz puts real-life art, math, science, architectural, and engineering principles into play. And with Brackitz, kids’ creations are durable – even portable – so no more crying over bumped blocks.
Brackitz attach to traditional planks at any angle. This helps kids to construct everything from small-scale builds to large scale! The pictures I’m seeing can be 3d structures that literally have no limit. It helps build their imagination with no structured way to use the pieces.
 The plastic planks and rotating pieces in the Inventor 170 Piece Set is a great for larger builds and enables anyone to create builds with moving parts! Versatile, durable, and portable, award-winning Brackitz brings real-life art, math, science, architecture, and engineering principles
What I absolutely love about these Brackitz, is that even kids with underdeveloped motor skills can be successful. If they bump their creation, its not going to fall apart.
These kits challenge kids and their thinking to create more 3 dimensional shapes and aren’t limited to normal kit building.
The kits have rotating pieces that help with problem solving and provides STEM learning.
They are also made in the USA!!!!
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