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I am so excited to share with you a few products from a boutique I discovered! You HAVE to check Blushing Moons Boutique out! The owner is a wonderful lady who lost her mom to stage 4 Lung cancer. Her dad invested in her so she could do what she WANTED to do, and not what she HAD to do. Such a wonderful dad! I am proud to partner with her and get the word out of her beautiful and ever evolving Boutique.

First up she has a line of products from Sara Happ. She found this line and personally uses it. That’s a true testimony. After using these products, I completely agree with her!
Reasons I LOVE This line (as does the owner)

  • This line does not use parabens in their lip products (parabens can make your lips addicted)
  • Natural Ingredients
  • NOT tested on animals.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Eco Friendly Packaging

The two tubes are  Pink Marshmallow Lip Scrub and One Luxe Vanilla Gloss. 
The Pink Marshmallow Lip Scrub (Vanilla Marshmallow) exfoliates your lips, leaving your pout super smooth and pillow soft. I don’t do lip scrubs too often, but this made my lips smooth as silk! WOW! I am in love! I might have to start treating myself. It is made from finely-ground sugar crystals for easy exfoliation with hydrating sweet almond oil. The scrub removes dry, flaky skin, immediately leaving lips soft and smooth.

The Vanilla gloss is so awesome and adds a shine that’s as tasty as it is beautiful. It is a sweet vanilla that deeply conditioning your lips with restorative jojoba and sweet almond oils.

Next up the Sweet Clay Lip Mask.

This rich, frosting-like mask goes on thick, but with Bentonite clay, softening Shea Butter, soothing natural oils, and regenerative Swertiamarin (Ayurvedic herb) It is SUPER healing to the lips.

Let it sit on you lips for up to 20 minutes and then wipe away with a warm washcloth. I did this after using the different lip scrubs. My lip products go on SO smooth now!

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Scrub is a SUPER Tasty is pumpkin, cinnamon, and sugar exfoliation. Lip Srubs are so good for nourishing dry, thirsty lips. This is an editor favorite and back by popular demand for a limited time. Once again without parabens OR testing on animals!

This is a limited-edition Pink Peppermint Lip Treatment Duo. These are in adorable pot version packaged for AWESOME gift giving!
First, exfoliate your lips with the vanilla-infused Pink Peppermint Lip Scrub. They are made with nourishing oils and finely-ground sugar crystals. THEN, use their luxurious Vanilla Lip Slip Balm that gives you a touch of gloss while deeply conditioning your lips with restorative jojoba and sweet almond oils.


NOW, onto a second line Blushing Moons Boutique carries…. Ampersand Avenue

This sweatshirt is the Original Doublehood Sweatshirt in Camo!! How cute is this?

Things I love:

  • Made in the USA (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • Quality AND Fashion (no baggy boy sweatshirts here)
  • Double hoods
  • no lining so warm without being HOT

Little Crazy Life just outgrew a 16 in kids and is a medium in Juniors (Thanks puberty). This is an XS, since it is low Stretch its a bit snug on her. I would order a size larger than you need. Looks like our granddaughter is going to get this and shes going to FREAK out. She’s 7 and its going to fit her PERFECTLY! The seaming on this sweatshirt is sturdy, and its a medium weight sweatshirt but cut slim so its not baggy. That is the main reason I don’t typically wear sweatshirts. I hate looking like Im wearing mens clothes. I need one of these in my life. I keep eyeing the pink quilted version and the bee t-shirt in their line.

The sleeves have an area where the thumb can poke through and keep the arms of the sleeves just below the knuckles. SWEET!

On the neck of the Double Hood Sweatshirt, both drawstrings are on one side and cinch the inside hood. Little Crazy Life was SUCH a trooper. LOL! The second hood provides extra warmth. Its SUPER cute!

And of course POCKETS! Check out the pink/gray quilted version. SO PRETTY!



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