Bindle Bottle (2 in 1 with storage) Review

Bindle sent me two of their bottles with secret compartments, a coffee lid, and a straw lid. This is GREAT For fathers day!! If you need super fast shipping you can get it here in 5 colors.  They are Black, coral pink, glacier blue, Sage Gray, and stainless steel.

The actual liquid portion of the Bindle bottle holds 24 ounces.  It is made from stainless steel and uses double-walled, vacuum-insulated technology and is good for hot or cold drinks.

The bottom of has integrated storage compartment for your keys, cash, cards, snacks, food, protein powder, or other valuables.

The storage portion holds about 12oz and is almost as deep as a glue stick. This should give you a good reference of the size.

Mr. Crazy Life used the bindle bottle at the gym. It is a great way to conceal your keys, gym card, and drivers license all in one spot. We will update once he uses it at the work this week. He still had room for protein powder and supplements as well.

For me, I don’t put my work keys in the bindle because If I forget my bottle, it would not be good. However. I can put a bag with almonds, and emergency snacks in it, just in case.

Little crazy is 10 and the bottle was a bit big for her. Her input was that she could put snacks or lunch money inside for field trips. However it was a bit hard for her to carry, so maybe a way to put a handle on it.

Bindle Bottle is great for the weekend crowd. It keeps the water cold for any excursion or warm for winter activities. Thermal control is made possible by using food- grade stainless steel and BPA-free components in a dual wall and vacuum-insulated design. The bindle has wide mouth top makes it easy to add ice and pour any drink.

Tthere are 3 lids that has leak proof seals for the bindle bottle.

The loop lid that comes with the bindle bottle allows for easy carry. The straw lid is GREAT for kids and also has a leak proof seal. The coffee lid is fantastic for coffee, tea, lemon water, cocoa or any other warm liquid.

The leak proof storage has a leak proof seal as well which allows so many options…..cream for your coffee; crackers for your tea; marshmallows for your hot chocolate; cheese for your wine; peanuts with your beer; fruit for your mixed drink; ice for your whiskey.


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