BeneFIT scrubs review

BeneFit Medical Apparel sent me a pair of their stealth scrubs in Ceil blue. These are the SOFTEST scrubs I have ever felt. They are literally like pajamas (believe me, I tried them)!
The scrubs currently come in 10 beautiful colors for the women’s stealth.  I wonder if I could get away with wearing them out and about and just let them assume I’m in healthcare? If I did get more of these, I would probably get the both the stealth and the Helix with black sides. I love the color contrast!
The BeneFit Top and bottoms retail separately for $32.99. These have a chest pocket and 2 side pockets. The Helix is the mid-protection scrubs. The stealth has no colored side panels or logos.. There is also a badge loop in the chest pocket.
I love that these are water resistant to unwanted splashes and spills. With some scrubs there are issues such as saggy pants, boxy sleeves, un-uniform cuts, unflattering, cheap fabric,, etc. These are NOT your average scrubs. BeneFIT scrubs are so comfortable and soft AND they are veteran owned. Shout out to the owners (James Reynolds, Dylan Croslin, and Justin Culver) for their service to this country!!

 The BeneFIT pants have two pockets on the legs and one on the bum as well as a drawstring waist.
Mr. Crazy Life is totally jealous! I’m hoping we can get a few of their other BeneFit products from their men’s and lifestyle lines.  These are the best scrubs I have ever seen and felt.

The Helix Stealth features:
•Liquid Resistant
•Pre-Shrunk Fabric
•Light-Weight, Crazy Comfortable, Performance Driven
•4-Way Stretch Fabric That Adjusts To Body
-(Cotton/ Modal /Spandex Blend)
•Sleek Athletic Fit/ Not Boxy
•High Quality/Durable Stitching
•Fashionable, Professional Style
•2 Deep Vertical Pockets
• 1 Chest Pocket with ID/Badge Loop
• Right Sleeve Double Pen/Tool Pocket

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