Bambody Underwear for Girls & Women

Bambody sent me underwear for girls and women. If you are not comfortable with the upcoming content, I suggest you pass on this post. I will keep the wording somewhat vague just for those who are squeamish. If you have ANY questions about the product that I did not cover here or the FB live, please message me.

First of all, as a mom, I am worried about WHEN this will happen and want to be prepared if Little Crazy Life is away from home. These Bambody Underwear make it easy.

Secondly, Puberty is now starting from 8-12 in this generation of girls. This is 5-8 years younger from when I was in school.

There are very few products for girls of this age that are the correct fit. Ive been searching for products that are a better fit for younger girls and found these. I am blown away with how well these work. I have had a pair of the heavier absorbency for quite some time. I wanted to find something for my daughter and her friends.

Bambody was gracious enough to send a variety of sizes for us. We have given some away to get feedback.

All the feedback on Bambody is a resounding YES from the girls. This is their feedback and I have to agree with every point
– security of knowing extra protection from embarrassing issues
– great for while they are out and about, at school, or at night.
– extremely comfortable
– fit snug without being tight
– don’t slip down/ thick band
– don’t feel bulky
– love keeping a pair in their bag for school if caught off guard
– no tags

  • Bambody Details
  • Bamboo/Spandex
  • PLEASE NOTE: this is a Leak Proof style in a variety of thicknesses
  • Front to Rear protection: leak proof layer extends from front to rear.
  • Bamboo fabric is cooler than cotton. It wicks away sweat 400% faster
  • No risk, 100% money back guarantee. Try Bambody today!


There are 2 styles of Bambody period protection hipster: Leak Proof/High Absorbancy.
With having this product for both myself and Little Crazy Life, I would say for adults Leak proof, and for young girls who are not yet using tampons, High aborbancy.
We have a small zippered pouch that we have tucked in little crazy lifes backpack for emergencies.

Leakproof Bambody has:

WIDER COVERAGE AREA: the full front-to-rear leak proof layer gives greater protection.

LESS BULKY: without the absorbent layer, the leak proof style feels less “bulky” and more like regular underwear

IDEAL FOR: wearing to bed, giving you protection whether you sleep on your back or front, and for general day wear if you experience light-medium discharges. Also ideal for postpartum incontinence.


ABSORBENT LAYER: unlike the leak proof style, this hipster has a special absorbent layer that will safely contain a high discharge, giving you greater confidence against unexpected leaks

GREATER BREATHABILITY: the smaller coverage area allows for greater breathability than the leak proof style

IDEAL FOR: girls and women who experience high discharges, either to wear with or without extra sanitary protection. Especially good for protection during sport, gym, or yoga.

Comfortably Covered – From Front to Rear

Bambody’s leak proof style is SUPER COMFORTABLE.
They are low-profile and dont feel bulky. They are flat-lock stitched to ensure maximum comfort.


To show what these look like on, I am using the stock photos.


The Gray areas are the layered areas. The layered areas are in the front and back.


The back is layered very wide to help from embarassing issues.


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