Anson Belt & Buckle

Anson Belts sent me their 3 pack box of belts to review! On their site you can customize your box of belts AND buckles. SO COOL!

When you get your box you will see a rough end (for cutting and inserting into the buckle), and a finished end. You will assemble the belt and then measure how much to cut off. In Mr. Crazy Lifes case he cut off 13″ to allow for extra belt length “just in case”.

Everything about this company is top notch! From their packaging to the quality of their buckles and straps. Mr. Crazy Life loves these belt loop free belts. They give way more customization for sizing and better fit.

Look at the quality, you can see the detail they take to make such an exceptional belt. These are not cheap or flimsy.

The release button for the belt is on the side, and make it super easy to put on and off.

This is the backside of the belt where you can see the notches where you tighten the belt. In the picture I put the wrong end into the buckle, but this is a great visual of the backside of the belt.

All in all, this is probably Mr. Crazy Lifes favorite belt. The combinations of belt and buckles provides so many choices. The quality is definitely high and durable.

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