AG Haul in Lynwood Washington

American girl was kind enough to partner with us! This is the store Front from the Lynwood Washington/Seattle.

We did a pre-AG video here. 

To your left is what used to be the café. It is now a birthday party room. SO Pretty. Notice the doll chairs attached to the table? SO CUTE! Everything is always set up and on the ready for a birthday bash! You can check out the birthday party info here. The store manager and our personal shopper were so awesome!

This is the private birthday room. SO NEAT! Look how fancy it is! The lighting is perfect for pictures. If you go to their site, you can check out pricing and availability. 

We then got a tour of different areas of the rest of the boutique. The store was visually stunning! So much to look at. The boxes are all beautifully organized and displayed.

Our personal tour guide in the Alderwood Mall was the amazing Maddy! She was such a sweetheart! She told us about each doll, their history, and answered any question we had.

There is a small play area with a house and wellie wishers tree near the checkout.

Here is Luciana Vegas’ space station. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing. As I went through the boutique, and was inspecting things from a parent standpoint, I noticed several things. The quality is well worth the money. Many people see the cost of the dolls and accessories, however, if you compare the difference in AG and other dolls….. there is NO comparison. American Girl wins EVERY TIME. Attention to detail, packaging, quality are all on point.

This is what little crazy life saved up for. Shes been saving every dime for a year. SHE DID IT! She purchased the Grand Hotel. (Don’t forget to ask for your military discount…we were so excited, we forgot).  The Dog, doll, and luggage are not included.

For The boys, they recently came out with Logan. This is him pictured with Tenney on their stage.

They recently added Truly Me boy dolls! Now boys have 5 choices! What a wonderful way to incorporate boys into the world of American Girl!

At last, our final visit was the Salon! I wish every store had these! Just like every other aspect of the store, they made Little crazy life feel SO Special! You can check out pricing and make an appointment for the seattle/Alderwood mall here. 

You can choose from hairstyles, ribbon colors, Nail polish, tiara, spa treatments.

Here is the amazing Maddy doing a hairstyle on Leah. While she did that, I took a Facebook live tour (only half way) of the store.


The checkout was beautiful as well. Don’t forget to ask for your military discount (we did)! After checkout we headed to the hotel and did an American girl Unboxing on FB live! Check it out! Little Crazy Life did a great job! 🙂 Give her some love on her FB Live! Here is a video of the Grand Hotel unboxing at the hotel. 

We did a video on FB live of the Grand hotel here when we got home. Its even more amazing once we got home and got it fully set up!  There is an ice bucket, cup, tongs, water bottles with complimentary tags, menu, mini pens with concierge menu, and so much more!

The sink looks like marble, and comes with shampoo bottles, soaps, towels etc

The concierge desk transforms into a dresser and has tons of storage.

My overview of American Girl. 

The Products – Everything is quality and the attention to detail are phenomenal. We have owned several 18″ doll brands and nothing compares to the quality of AG.

Staff interactions with local staff, phone staff, and customer service arranging the visit. Every single person was so kind and helpful. I have never had a bad experience.

The stories behind the dolls. There are such a wide range of stories from different time periods, socio economic, and cultural backgrounds. These expose our children to things around the world through play. There is a doll with a divorce history, Truly me dolls that are bald, 5 boy dolls, and so much more. They even touch on adoption. In the story of Luciana Vega, her parents are adopting a baby girl named Isadora from Chile (where Luciana is from). I would love to see a story on an in country adoption. There are many resources for people who adopt out of country. However for those I know who have adopted in country, this is less common, as many children I have come across have less visual differences than their adoptive parents. Of course this may be an exception not a rule, but in my experience, this is true.

They have point rewards if you sign up with them, which is great!

If you cant get to an AG store, you can always order some of their items on amazon (2 day prime) if you need a present in a hurry. AG Luciana book , AG Luciana, AG care and keeping of you , AG TenneyAG Maryellen , AG magazine, AG Sticker set , AG Ultimate crafting set , AG Bracelet ,AG crafting set, AG Book , Wellie wisher Ashlyn, wellie wisher Camillewellie wisher willa, wellie wisher Kendall, and wellie wisher Everson.



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