Adoric 400ml Cool mist diffuser review

 Adoric sent me this Wood Grain 400ml Diffuser. This is a great diffuser for large areas.
This holds just over 13 ounces of water. For Adorics 400 ML diffuser you want to use 12-15 drops of essential oils. most my other diffusers are about 100ML and I use between 3-5 drops depending on the strength of the oil.  We have a large open living room, so this fit the bill and just in time for the holidays! I’m sneaking in germ fighting oils so nobody gets sick.
I actually have 6 other diffusers that are completely different styles and this one seems to cover our large family room the best. That is due to the 400ML capacity. I like that this one isn’t a plain white plastic, as it looks nicer when we have guests over.
This diffuser has 4 Timer Settings which can be set at one hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or ON until it runs out and shuts off. This brings to light the waterless Auto Shut-off. There are 2 Mist Modes, Color Changing Lights, and a beautiful wood grain look.
Here is the bottom which shows the air output and plug in, as well as the top of the diffuser where the mist will come out. I typically use warm water so I get a bit more mist.
This is a great diffuser for a whole house, large room or Office. If using in an office I would use less oil as they do have therapeutic properties and you do not want to overwhelm anyone in a public space.

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